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About Us

Kevin Chapman started Pine Creek Services in 2005 and has been dedicated to growing the business while staying true to customer service, quality work and continuous improvement.

What Our Clients are Saying:

Kevin is coming back this week to take care of my windows. He washed
the outside for me last fall and I am bringing him back again.
Honestly -- I wasn't even home when he cleaned them the first time. So
I can't comment on how he or his crew came in with their supplies or
whether they had things scattered about the yard. But that night when
I came home from work, I wouldn't have known he was here -- besides
the fact that my windows looked absolutely amazing. I keep up on the
interior, but can't get the outside done well and we have a sunroom
with huge windows that never look good when I do them. He managed to
get all of the hard water deposits off of a window that gets hit by my
sprinkler daily (I had tried everything to get the spots off) and got
rid of 6 or 7 whiffle ball marks left on 3rd story windows by my son
and his friends....

Kevin and his crew were wonderful and I would highly recommend them. I
don't think the windows in my home have ever been washed and it's
truly amazing how much of a difference clean windows make. On a scale
1-10 I would rate them at a 10. I was not home when Kevin came and
other than sparkling windows I couldn't even tell anyone was there. I
would for sure hire him again. Hope that helps, if your have any other
questions feel free to ask.



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